Canada immigrants – solid support for the country on the path to economic recovery

An immigrant owns almost one in every three businesses in Canada, shares federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino. They create jobs for sizable Canadians, making them self-reliant and adding to the country’s economy. The prevalent pandemic situation has created the need to rethink ways to attract immigrants so that economic recovery Canada roadmap can be chalked out with added conviction.

Recently, the country has devised an immigration plan aimed to bring about 1.2 million permanent residents to the country by 2024. This plan is believed to be an effective driver of the country’s economic growth.

However, accomplishing this plan is not going to be a cakewalk. The officials face the challenge of verifying the authenticity of foreign nationals’ credentials to begin with. Further, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the immigrants is a burning issue to address for Canada that is going the hardships like:

Impact over economy

Canada’s immigration plan is expected to infuse new energy into the country’s economy. The sectors like real estate, education, transport that form the backbone of any country’s economy will be the prime focus of improvement in Canada too.

Canada has always been a preferred destination for education. All Canadian universities are reeling under the impact of Covid-19. They also look up to the Government and its immigration policies to encourage people to study in Canada.

Another factor to consider will be the gap in education and job availability. The concerning stereotype of highly educated foreign nationals working as cab drivers for survival needs immediate addressing. The authorities are serious about revaluation of foreign accreditations and contemplating the points like giving the educated people the well-deserved Canada jobs.
Immigrants do bring along healthy competition, and to keep it healthy, ample job opportunities should be rolled out. Authorities claim that there is no dearth of opportunities, it is just that perspective needs to be molded to make it more accommodating towards immigrants.

Canada Travel Restrictions

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, travel to Canada is restricted as of now. From this month onwards, the people eligible to enter Canada need to furnish their details in ArriveCan app and show the app receipt. Also, they must share their quarantine plan unless they are exempted from the same.

To conclude,

For the country to be back in action, Canadian immigrants’ contribution is not ignorable. But, to encourage easy implementation of a new immigration plan, the authorities need to develop solutions for all possible problems that have been existent for a long. The new ones popping up due to changed conditions need a proper address plan too. Keep watching Canada Immigration News for the latest updates on study, career opportunities, and traveling in Canada.

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