Significant Benefit to Canada (C10)

The Significant Benefit to Canada (C10) program grants temporary resident permits to foreign nationals who can demonstrate that their entry or continued stay in Canada would result in a significant benefit to Canada

C10 is a job-specific work permit. This indicates that individuals who receive this permit can work exclusively for the specified employer. To obtain the C10 work permit, applicants must secure a job offer from a Canadian employer. Alternatively, foreign professionals may qualify for this work permit if they are entrepreneurs or meet the IRCC criteria for self-employed individuals (in fields of culture, arts, and athletics).

This provision is typically used for temporary situations rather than permanent immigration. Foreign professionals can use the C10 work permit to come to Canada and gain valuable work experience. They can then use this experience to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry’s Canadian Experience Class program

Economic Contributions

Individuals with skills, knowledge, or resources that can boost the Canadian economy as business investors, entrepreneurs, or highly skilled workers

Cultural or Artistic Contributions

Foreign artists, performers, or cultural figures who can enrich Canada's cultural landscape may be considered

Humanitarian or Social Reasons

In some cases, individuals with compelling humanitarian or social reasons may be granted permits

Other Significant Benefits

The provision is flexible and can apply to various scenarios where the individual's presence in Canada would bring substantial advantages


You should also demonstrate the benefit of their activities to Canada's culture, society, and economy and show groundwork in Canada, like establishing business contacts, accommodation, and business location for self-employed individuals.

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Eligibility Assessment

Our GTR Business Immigration experts evaluate your eligibility, ensuring you meet program requirements.

Demonstrating Significant Benefit

We guide you in showing how your business activities will benefit Canada.

Job Offer Assistance/ Job offer excemption

We can help you connect with employers to secure a valid job offer or make an exemption if you are entrepreneur or self-employed worker in the fields of arts, culturals or athelics

Application Completion

Our RCIC can help applicants navigate the application process, ensuring that all required documentation is correctly completed and submitted. We also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that applicants are well-prepared and informed at every stage

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