Reduce Temporary Residents in Canada

IRCC updates - Canada plan to reduce temporarily residents

The update on temporary resident levels in Canada has been provided by Marc Miller, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). He has directed the immigration department to review IRCC programs facilitating temporary foreign workers, aligning them with the country’s labor market needs. For the first time, Canada will establish annual targets for temporary residents, starting in the fall of 2023, mirroring the existing practice for permanent residents.

Minister Miller will convene a meeting with provincial counterparts to establish these annual targets for the influx of temporary residents into Canada. IRCC aims to decrease the temporary resident population to 5% over the next three years. This target will be finalized in the fall, following consultations with provincial and territorial counterparts, as part of the annual level planning process.

It’s encouraging news that there will be more domestic immigration draws, and the Minister encourages provincial counterparts to adopt similar measures to facilitate the transition of temporary residents into permanent residents.

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