Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)

The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program in Canada allows multinational companies to transfer key personnel from their foreign operations to their Canadian branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates

This program is designed to facilitate the temporary relocation of employees who possess specialized knowledge, skills, or expertise, and it's a valuable tool for global businesses to foster expertise exchange and streamline international operations.

The Intra-company transfers stream offers an alternative route for foreign nationals to obtain a work permit without needing an LMIA.

Types of ICT Categories
Intra-Company Transfer Executive
For employees in a senior managerial role, directing the company or a significant component
Intra-Company Transfer Managerial
For employees responsible for supervising employees or managing the organization or a department
Intra-Company Transfer Specialized Knowledge
For employees with proprietary knowledge or expertise essential to the company's operations


To qualify for the ICT program, the applicant should be an essential employee in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge position.. Applicants need to provide relevant documentation, including an offer of employment, describing the intra-company transfer, the foreign and Canadian positions, and the employee's qualifications.

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