Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

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Canada Immigration Program

What is PNP?

PNP stands for “Provincial Nominee Program.” It is a Canadian immigration program that allows individual provinces and territories in Canada to nominate candidates for immigration to their specific region.

Each province and territory operates its own PNP, with criteria and selection processes tailored to meet their unique economic and demographic needs. These programs enable provinces and territories to address specific labor market and population goals by selecting individuals who can contribute to their local communities and economies.

Successful candidates nominated through a PNP are typically eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence through a streamlined process.

Provincial nomination program

What can we help you?

You should also check if the province or territory you choose currently has in-demand occupations that match your skills, your background and experiences.

There are 11 provinces and territories, along with over 60 provincial nominee programs. Please contact GTR Worldwide for guidance on the most suitable program for you.

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