Updates to Canada Start-Up Visa
(SUV) Program

Effective on Apr 30, Changes to the Start-Up Visa IRCC will now be altering the processing of Start-Up Visa applications by: 

– Putting a cap on the number of candidates that apply for Canada PR under this program by excluding applicants who are associated with no more than 10 start-ups per designated organization, and 

– Offering priority processing to entrepreneurs whose start-up is supported by a Canadian capital or business incubator that is a member of Canada’s Tech Network.

This implies that the Designated Organization will become more discerning, opting solely for well-prepared projects. With projects on hand, we require additional team members. If you have an English CLB 5 or above, along with at least 1 year of management experience, we invite you to join us.


Changes to the Self-Employed Persons Program

Starting April 30, 2024:

– There will be a full pause on the Self-Employed Persons Program application intake which is planned to be in place until the end of 2026.

This change is a result of the high number of applications within the program inventory, because of which processing times have increased to longer than 4 years. While the temporary pause has been put in place, IRCC will continue to finalize applications and look for opportunities to reform the program while maintaining its integrity.

“Fast processing is critical to the success of entrepreneurs who come to Canada through our federal business programs. These necessary changes will set the Start­up Visa Program and Self-Employed Persons Program on the path to faster processing times while we look ahead to further reforms to make these programs more sustainable and effective over the long term.”
– stated by Marc Miller – Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.


We can explore and propose alternative solutions that align with your profile.

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