Start-Up Visa (SUV Program)

Start Up Visa Program - Canada Immigration Program that allows talented entrepreneurs and their family from abroad to come, establish and manage new businesses in Canada with Work / Visitor/ Study Permit while waiting for Permanent residency

Benefits of SUV Program

The Start-Up Visa (SUV) program in Canada offers several benefits to entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups looking to establish themselves in Canada with key benefits
Up to 5 families can live, study and work while PR in process with 1 single business
Hassle-free Path
No minimum investment required
No exploratory trip required
No requirement to invest your own money in the business
No net worth verification
Retain permanent residency status even in the event of business failure

Benefits for your family

Your entire family, including your spouse and children under 22 years of age (at the time of submitting the provincial nomination application), will receive a Permanent Resident Card in Canada and enjoy most of the benefits like Canadian citizens.

While waiting for permanent residency, your family can apply to come, work and study in Canada
When you become Canada Permanent Resident


Meeting the program's eligibility criteria and demonstrating the potential for business success in Canada are key factors in the selection process

• When committing: Each applicant owns 10%+ voting rights.
• When granted permanent residence: Actively manage business in Canada, essential operations and incorporated in Canada.

Obtain a support letter from designated organization: Start-up Incubators, Angel Investor Group or Venture Capital Funds

Meet the minimum CLB 5 in either English or French in all 4 skills (listening,reading,writing and speaking)


Assessment & Intake

Conduct an initial assessment based on the intake criteria with Business Immigration experts of GreenTech Resources Worldwide Canada

Business Concept & Incubator selection

Develop and refine the innovative business concepts. Select suitable incubator and prepare Pitch deck

Designated Institution Pitch

Present and obtain a commitment – Letter of Support from a designated Canadian organization

Apply TR and PR

Meet eligibility requirements to submit SUV program application for temporarily residency (TR) and permanent residency (PR)

Start your journey in Canada

Personalize the settings as you wish with intuitive instructions & helpful guides.

List of Designated Organization

The list is subjected to be updated without prior notification. Please contact us for consultant.

What can we help you?

It’s important to choose a reputable and licensed immigration agent or consultant who is knowledgeable about the Start-Up Visa business immigration programs to ensure that applicants receive accurate and up-to-date information and guidance throughout the process. 

We can assist you by providing a range of valuable services

Eligibility Assessment

Our experts evaluate your eligibility, ensuring you meet program requirements.

We also provide alternative solutions for SUV if you cannot meet the SUV criteria.

Business Plan Development

Our experts in Business Immigration Team can assist in developing a strong and comprehensive business plan. A well-prepared business plan is a crucial component for the success of Start Up Visa program. We assist you in crafting a strong business plan and provide presentation coaching to help applicants perform well during the pitching with the incubator.

Connecting with Designed Organization and providing guidance on Start Up Visa Program

We connect you with organizations that can support your business
We can provide guidance on how to fulfill these requirements, refine presentation deck and interview coaching to increase the chance of receiving Letter of Support

Application Completion

Our RCIC can help applicants navigate the application process, ensuring that all required documentation is correctly completed and submitted. We also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that applicants are well-prepared and informed at every stage

Take the first step towards your family's Canadian dream

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Start-Up Visa

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Our experts assess your professional background to craft a business idea that aligns with the Start-up Visa (SUV) criteria and Canada's economic needs, ensuring your concept qualifies.

Our service includes comprehensive research into all applicable regulatory frameworks for your sector. These findings will be thoroughly detailed in the business plan we develop for you.

After your team's permanent residency (PR) applications are submitted, you're eligible to apply for work permits. Processing times vary by country, so reach out to us for a tailored time estimate.

You may arrive in Canada after receiving your work permit approval letter, should you opt to apply for one. Alternatively you can arrive in Canada once your PR application is approved.

It's not mandatory to secure a work permit before receiving permanent residency approval. You may choose to wait for PR before moving to Canada.

There is no specified minimum investment. However, it's important to demonstrate genuine efforts in advancing your business. You can apply the traction model using your team's skills or outsource it for additional cost, typically about $10,000 CAD per applicant.

We work with Canada's most reputable DO's. Selecting the right designated organization is a critical step in your journey. The factors we take into consideration are: business life cycle stage, industry, and projected business needs


 Eligibility hinges on having a qualifying business idea, meeting the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in English or French, and proving you have enough funds for settlement in Canada.

The Start-up Visa (SUV) is Canada's unique pathway to permanent residency for entrepreneurs without minimum investment or net worth verification and no need for an exploratory visit. A single business application can include up to 5 team members and their families, all eligible for temporary residency while the permanent residency application is underway with IRCC.

Yes, after your team's PR applications are filed, you can apply for a work permit. For efficiency, we suggest applying for your work permit concurrently with your PR application.

 Permanent residency status is not contingent on your business's success. You must, however, demonstrate ongoing efforts to achieve traction until your PR application decision is finalized.

 The program doesn't specify a minimum investment. The focus is on demonstrating and genuine efforts in establishing and moving your business forward.

Yes, you can include your spouse and dependents in your PR application. After submission, they can seek a spousal open work permit or study permits. Once you have PR, you can sponsor your parents through family class sponsorship or a parent/grandparent super visa.

Once you're a permanent resident, you have access to Canadian healthcare and public education. Education is free until age 18, and as a PR, you'll benefit from significantly lower university tuition fees compared to international rates.


Yes, you must submit police clearance from every country you've resided in for six months or more since turning 18. These serve as a basis for security clearance by IRCC. Post-PR application submission, an IRCC-approved doctor will conduct your medical exam.

Hiring a lawyer or RCIC isn't mandatory for the application process, but considering the complexity of Start-Up Visa (SUV) applications, professional guidance can be crucial for a successful outcome.

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