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Canada Immigration Program

Express Entry

Canada's Express Entry program allows highly skilled candidates to attain Canadian permanent residency status in the shortest time, typically within six months. This is the fastest way for eligible candidates who are young, highly educated, and possess valuable work experience to come to Canada. However, achieving a high enough Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in federal draws can be challenging.
The Express Entry system consists of three main programs:

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

For skilled workers at the federal level. This program does not require a connection to Canada, making it an ideal immigration option for foreign citizens living outside of Canada

Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

For skilled tradespersons in industrial and artisanal sectors. You must meet all the minimum requirements for your skilled trades work experience,
job offer/ certificate of qualification and language ability

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

A popular choice for foreign workers who have accumulated work experience in Canada and international students who have found employment in Canada after graduation

Through Express Entry, candidates and their family can participate and compete for points to receive an ITA – Invitation to Apply from the Canadian government to immigrate and work in the country

How to participate Express Entry?

You can join the Express Entry program through a two-step process
  1. Language Test Results: You need to achieve a high enough score to demonstrate your English or French language proficiency through tests like IELTS (English) or TCF (French).
  2. Educational Credential Assessment: To determine your educational level, you'll need an assessment report that equates your foreign educational credentials to the Canadian education system from a recognized organization like WES or ICAS.
  3. Passport: To verify your identity and immigration status, you'll need a valid passport or travel document.

Once you have organized and prepared these documents, you can submit your application through the Express Entry system and create an online profile.

Through periodic draws, if your score is high enough, you may receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency through the Express Entry program

Who is Ideal Candidate

The Express Entry program is generally suitable for young individuals with good English or French proficiency and demonstrated skills and work experience. These are key factors in assessing and ranking candidates within Express Entry like age, language proficiency, education and work experience, having family relationship, having job offer or provincial nomination. So, if you are a young person with good English/French proficiency and possess skills and work experience, you have a good chance of
achieving a high CRS score in Express Entry and receiving an invitation to immigrate to Canada.

Factors that increase your chance to receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the Express Entry Program

Through Express Entry, candidates and their family can participate and compete for points to receive an ITA – Invitation to Apply from the Canadian government to immigrate and work in the country.

A Job Ofer

If you receive a job offer from a company or organization in Canada, you can gain extra points and increase your likelihood of being invited to participate in the program

Provincial Nomination

If you receive a nomination from a province or territory through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), your CRS score will significantly increase, giving you priority in receiving an invitation to join Express Entry

French-Language Advantage

Proficiency in French, in addition to English, is highly valued by Canada. Demonstrating strong French language skills through recognized tests can earn extra points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This boosts your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada

Alternative Routes to Canada Express Entry

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for Express Entry or are considering alternative options, there are several feasible pathways to immigrate to Canada. Here are some alternative solutions for Express Entry
Each province and territory in Canada has its own provincial nominee program, allowing them to nominate suitable candidates for permanent residence in that specific region. This can be a good option if you have skills or work experience that align with the specific needs of a province or territory.
Investor and Business Programs
Canada offers various investment and business programs for individuals looking to invest in businesses or start their own ventures in Canada. This could be an option if you have the financial means and a desire to do business in Canada
Family and Spousal Sponsorship
If you have family members who are already permanent residents or citizens of Canada, you may be eligible to join them through family sponsorship programs. Eligibility depends on your relationship and family circumstances
Work in Canada and Immigrate Later
Many individuals choose to come to Canada initially as students or temporary workers and then qualify for permanent residency through specific programs designed for individuals who have worked or studied in Canada
Keep in mind that each program has its own requirements and regulations, and meeting the required points or criteria is essential. Consulting with an experienced immigration consultant of GreenTech Resources Worldwide Canada so our RCIC can help you better understand which option aligns with your situation
Express Entry

What can we help you?

 GreenTech Resources Worldwide Canada can assist you in increasing your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for Express Entry in several ways:

Profile Assessment

Our RCIC and expert team can evaluate your qualifications, work experience, and personal circumstances to identify areas where you can improve your CRS score.

Language Proficiency

We can provide guidance on improving your language skills in English and/or French, as higher language test scores can significantly boost your CRS points.

Educational credential assessment

We can help you navigate the process of obtaining an ECA for your foreign educational credentials, which can add points to your CRS score.

Secure a Job Offers

We can assist in searching for job in Canada, which can be worth a substantial number of CRS points. We can also help you understand the requirements for a valid job offer, resume preparation and interview coaching.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

We can advise on PNPs and help you prepare for provincial nominations, which can add valuable points to your CRS score.

Claim extra score for family connection

If you have a sibling in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident, we can help you understand how to claim additional points for this family connection

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