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Tips on Getting Hired As a Newcomer

There are few things that can help a new immigrant to settle down and get employment in Saskatchewan. You should be proactive and use available resources for recruitment and employment. There are some organizations available for free to assist newcomers about the job market in Saskatchewan and you may join those groups to brush your communication skills as well.

Sign up with some recruitment agencies online and complete your profile so that they can assess your skills and can connect you with available positions.

There are 6 main points to keep in your mind:

Understand Culture

It’s important to understand that Canada is a country of immigrants, that is the reason Canada has a very open culture and welcomes new immigrants. Major Canadian cities are multicultural and attract more immigrants. Watch some online presentations and videos to get familiar with the culture.

Resources for new immigrants

For a newcomer, the Canadian government website is an excellent resource. As it contains all the required details of what a newcomer needs like eligibility criteria, required documents, application, etc. Each province has volunteer organizations that provide initial guidance and support to the newcomers to get a job and provide further assistance to get settled in Canada.

Create a Resume

When you’re ready to apply for jobs in Canada, the most important step is to create and update your resume as per Canadian style because that increases your chance to get selected in a company and get a job offer. There are quite a few formats available online which you may use. Job providers look at the resume to qualify candidates so it should have the complete and correct information. Make sure you include your name with contact information, professional summary highlighting skills, work history, and complete experience. You should also include your education and professional experience in your resume. 


Networking is really important for your career in Canada, it’s not only required for professional growth but also helpful for personal growth when you move to a new country.

It’s best to reach out to friends and family because they might have some contacts which can help you in Canada. Explore the job market online by using social media applications like CICCanadaJobs, LinkedIn and other job portals like indeed etc. 

Prepare for Interview

For a newcomer, it might be difficult to crack an interview in the first go but if you’ve done some research online and have an idea about the type of interview questions you may crack the interview in one go. It’s always best to brush up your communication skills along with technical skills. Complete some practice questions and watch some videos depending on the type of interview or job you’re applying for. 


Once you’re ready for the interview, another important thing to know is salary expectations. You should research the pay rate for the job(s) you’re applying. It depends on the experience and the skills you have. If you have arrived in Canada through the express entry skilled worker category, the experience, and education assessment will already be completed ahead of arrival. In case you’re not aware of what salary to ask, you may check the job bank portal online as well.

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  • Emmanuel Eshun

    December 20, 2023 - 8:25 AM

    Please I’m computer science teacher in Ghana i want job in Canada. Any related computer jobs. Thanks

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