Planning to Study In Canada?
5 Reasons That Prove Canada Is The Best Study Destination

Canada has become one of the best countries to study in for international students. Learn more about the reasons which help it identify as a one-stop destination for all.

Planning to pursue your higher education from an international institution? Then it is Canada you need to pick. Want to know why? Find some compelling reasons.

Recognized as the friendliest country in the world, Canada has for long been the ideal destination for immigrants. Over the decades, the developing education infrastructure has prompted students to migrate to the country, in search of better future perspective in life. The presence of Canada on the globe is a testimony to its strong educational strategy and institution, but above all, its wonderful role as a host.

From the picturesque setting to the friendly people, Canada offers a plethora of reasons for international students to pick the country for pursuing their further studies. If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons that will justify otherwise.

There are No Language Barriers
Canada has two official languages- English and French. While both are given equal importance, most people communicate in English. Most of the courses are conducted in English as well, so that is an advantage you can’t overlook. Since people from a wide number of countries settle here, you will find people speaking in various tongues. In Canada, you can get around by asking just directions and not get lost. This is also a great opportunity to brush your French skills!
You Can Earn A Little Extra While Studying
Canada is extremely affordable for foreign students, however the “work while study” permits take the cherry on the top. All international students, regardless of origin country, are allowed to work 20 hours weekly during college, and 30 hours per week during scheduled breaks. A separate work permit is not required for most students. Whether working on-campus or off, the student visa doubles as a work permit. The pay is pretty well that mostly depends on the type of work and the industry of choice. Hospitality and retail have many opportunities through the pay can get less. So, in Canada, you can always earn a little extra!
The Country Is Extremely Affordable
For most international students, cost becomes a major concern. However, in the “land of maple leaves”, the cost is something you don’t have to fret about. Other than allowing the students to earn their pocket money with the 20-hour work week program, the tuition fees for most universities in Canada is subsidized. Even when considering the cost of living like rent, food and transport, Canada offers quality options at affordable rates. The average cost of living for international students in Canada sums up to CAD$ 10,000 per year, which is just USD$ 7555!
And Safe
Canada is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, with violent crimes being almost non-existent. Yes, petty crimes do happen from time to time, but it truly unheard of. It ranks 8th on the list of most peaceful countries released by the Institute for Economics & Peace. It is safe to move about without having to worry about your life. People from different religion and community exist harmoniously in the country, which alienates it from conflicts. The inhabitants are tolerant and friendly, making you feel at home. Since one-fifth of the country’s population is made of immigrants, the laws are fair and protect everyone from discrimination.
It Offers a Cosmopolitan Setting
The population of Canada is one of the most diverse across the globe. Surprisingly enough, English is not the first language for almost 50% of the inhabitants residing in the country. Also, there are more than 120,000 international students pursuing their higher studies in the country! All of this makes the country an international hub of a multicultural environment. It is easy to adapt to Canada, make friends and thrive. You will find a happening nightlife, with numerous restaurants and clubs open late at night. It is this cosmopolitan setting that makes Canada such a wonderful country to study and live in!

So, convinced yet? Canada hosts the best academic institutions in the world, some of which include the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, York University, Seneca College, the University of Montreal and McGill University to name a few. It is easy to get a study visa permit for Canada. If you aspire to study and subsequently settle in the country, then get in touch with reputed visa consultants in Canada for more information.

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