Latest Update: Hong Kong Pathway To Canada

Canada launches Hong Kong pathways that will attract recent graduates and skilled workers with faster permanent residency:

The Hong Kong pathway is a very positive initiative that will attract young and talented graduates with experience who will help drive Canada’s economy forward. Allowing flexible open work permits and a fast procedure to get residency for Hong Kong citizens will offer them a unique opportunity to develop their careers. This will also help Canada to accelerate their economic recovery with the help of skilled worker immigration.

One of the main motives of this initiative is to strengthen the ties between Hong Kong and Canada that started more than 150 years ago when the first Hong Kong resident had arrived in Canada. Canada PR with Hong Kong will improve tremendously after initiating this program.

As per the initiative between the two countries, Hong Kong residents will now be able to apply for new open work permits beginning on February 8th, 2021. These permits will be valid for three years allowing Hong Kong residents to gain valuable employment experience and help Canada grow.

Hong Kong students looking forward to Canadian immigration for further studies need to attend a prerequisite or preparatory program to prepare them. In the pathway program, the student meets the main program’s language requirements by completing a language course.

Specific facts fall under the Hong Kong Pathways initiated by Canada that are mentioned below.

– Eligible spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children can apply for both study and work permits under this program as appropriate.
– Only Hong Kong residents that hold a proper Hong Kong special administrative region or a British national passport will be eligible for the Hong Kong pathways programs.
– As per the initiative taken by both the countries under this program, individuals who were previously ineligible will not get another chance with an updated assessment to apply for work or study in Canada.
– Those Hong Kong residents who have fled to another country and are at risk of persecution are also eligible under the new Canada’s resettlement programs. This includes private sponsorship of refugee programs and government-assisted refugee programs.

How can Hong Kong residents apply?
– The Hong Kong residents currently in Canada for a temporary basis that includes visitors, students, and workers can apply online within Canada.
– Hong Kong residents that are applying from abroad may not be able to come to Canada due to travel restrictions. They can only travel to Canada unless they have a job offer and should comply with all the public health requirements for the best results. These steps are taken due to the COVID restrictions prevailing in the country.
There are specific criteria that will allow Hong Kong residents to apply. Below are the eligibility requirements that will enable Hong Kong residents to apply for Canada’s Hong Kong pathways.
– The Hong Kong residents have to graduate with a Canadian Post-secondary diploma or a degree in the last five years to apply for the Hong Kong pathway.
– Hong Kong students may hold an equivalent foreign credential for the same.
– The post-secondary diploma program opted by the Hong Kong resident should be a minimum of 2 years to qualify for the Hong Kong Pathways launched by Canada.
Both the countries have been looking forward to these types of programs for quite a long time now taking shape. Canada hopes to benefit from this Pathway program, as it will help them gain skilled workers and improve their economy in the end. On the other hand, Hong Kong students, workers, and tourists can now look for better Canada opportunities and settle there with ease.

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