A new flexible Co-op work permit for International Students

Your dreams of completing your studies in Canada will come true once you acquire the study permit. The best thing about studying in Canada is that you can work simultaneously while completing your post-graduate course. As per the latest program delivery update, international students can board flights to Canada for higher studies and work by presenting a negative COVID-19 test report. After arriving in Canada, everyone is supposed to follow the 14-days isolation or quarantine period.

What is a Co-op work permit?

If you wish to work and study at the same time in Canada, you must get a co-op work permit. However, the co-op work permit will only be relevant if your work is integral to your courses, like an internship. By acquiring it, you can work full-time and continue to attend lectures or exams at your designated learning institution or DLI. The co-op permit will be valid for the same duration as your study permit, and without getting this permit, you would not be permitted to work full-time.

How to get or apply?

Before learning the steps to apply for the Post-graduate work permit, you should know the program’s eligibility criteria.

It should be noted that certain DLIs are allowing students to work for the co-op placement from their home country. If your school agrees, you can even work for full-time Canada jobs from your home during the pandemic.

Ideally, you should apply for your co-op permit after receiving the university’s acceptance letter, which specifies that the co-op program is a part of your course’s curriculum. You should apply for the permit usually before 4 months of the expiry date of your work permit. You can apply for the permit online and fill out the registration form, where you will have to fill in details about your address, education, etc. You will also have to pay for the biometrics processing fee before submitting your co-op application form. To improve your chances of getting selected by your school for the co-op program, it is necessary to score high PNP points.


Difference between a Co-op work permit and Open Work permit

To work in Canada, you would need to qualify for a work permit first, either a co-op work permit or the open work permit. If you have already completed your post-graduation program from a Canadian DLI and you have applied for permanent residence in Canada, then you need to submit the open work permit application. However, you will also be eligible to apply for the open work permit if you can show proof of your inability to finance your education. On the other hand, a co-op work permit is only awarded to the students if it is an integral part of a Canadian school’s study program.

You will only be eligible to apply for the closed work permit for securing a position in a specific organization if you have positive LMIA points.

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