How to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa

Canadian universities attract thousands of international students every year and students from all over the world come to Canada to make their dreams come true.

If you’re planning to do your higher education in Canada, you need to apply for a student visa and may require the services of a registered study visa consultant.

Here is a quick guide on applying for a student visa.

1. Select university and get an acceptance letter

Once you have decided that you’d like to study in Canada, the next step is to shortlist a couple of universities and the program to enroll. You may check online some top Canadian universities. It’s best to consult with an immigration expert to confirm your eligibility. The Student must submit an application to a designated learning Institute to get an acceptance letter. That letter will have all the required details to process the student visa.

2. How to apply

Once the acceptance letter is received, you need to apply for a student permit

You may go online on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ) website to see all steps to submit the application.

Here’s what you will need for the visa application:

  • You must provide a letter of acceptance, which you’ve received from a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • A proof of financials showing you’re able to support your stay and the tuition fee for your program.
  • You shouldn’t have any criminal records.
  • You need to submit a medical test report showing that you’ve good health.

You’ll have options to extend or renew your study permit in case you would like to continue your studies or in case you change school.

Once your study is completed and you receive a notification of program completion, after 90 days the study permit expires. That still allows you to stay in Canada to explore more or travel or you can apply for a work permit to take a job either full-time or part-time.

3. Required documents

Original letter of acceptance from the university. Your original passport or a travel document which allows you to return back to your home country. You can also check the required document for travel based on your country on the IRCC website. You also need two recent passport-sized photographs and for specifications, you may check the IRCC website. Proof of finances is also required to show that you’re able to support your tuition fee, accommodation, and other expenses while living in Canada during the program. Student permit fee proof and a letter of intent.

4. Language requirements

If you’re not coming from an English-speaking company, you have to submit proof of English language proficiency as Canadian universities will require it. Some accepted language tests are as below:

  • Cambridge English: Advanced

In the list of required documents for a Canadian student visa, you might not see proof of language skills but it’s good to have proof of your English ability.

5. Biometrics Interview

This totally depends on your home country, you might have to appear at the visa application center for biometrics.

Once you’ve applied for the study permit, it usually takes 90 days or less to process the visa. But the situation in your home country can change those processing times.

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