Temporary Foreign Workers Can Get Back To Work Quickly

The news has been announced today that the government will provide support to temporary foreign workers and their employers during this rapidly changing job market.

Due to Covid-19, many foreign workers with employer’s specific work permits loses their jobs and as the result, some of them have been facing financial difficulty and uncertainty about their immigration status, some have left Canada whereas a few of them are unable to leave due to international travel restriction or flight cancellation.

In the perspective of employers, they have struggle to fulfil their labour needs as they are in essential business to provide critical goods and services to Canadians, especially in agriculture, agri-food, and healthcare industry.

As the result, the Federal Government has recently announced a temporary policy for foreign worker who is already in Canada and has secured a new job offer, can start working in their new job immediately while having their new work permit is being processed.

This is a great news to the foreign workers who have been struggles to find or start their new job. At Greentech Resources, we are a leader in international recruitment services for Agriculture and Healthcare industry. During this period, we are still actively recruiting foreign workers for those industries and if you are in the above-mentioned situation, please send us your CV and Resume, we are more than happy to help you finding a new job as well as supporting your immigration paperwork in Canada.

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