Saskatchewan continues to hold multiple SINP draws

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) regularly searches the IRCC’s Express Entry pool to find candidates who may meet the criteria of one of Saskatchewan’s Express Entry immigration streams. The SINP collects individuals from the Express Entry Pool to personally invite them to live and work in Saskatchewan.

Through the SINP, Saskatchewan:

  • invites residency applications from non-Canadians who want to make Saskatchewan their home; and
  • nominates successful applicants to the federal government, so they can gain permanent residency in Canada.

Latest Saskatchewan PNP Draws 2021 (SINP):

Date of Invitations to ApplyCategoryScore of Lowest Ranked Candidate to ApplyTotal Candidates Invited to Apply
September 8, 2021Occupation In-Demand66212
September 8, 2021Express Entry66316
August 19, 2021Occupations In-Demand70335
August 19, 2021Express Entry71161
July 21, 2021Occupations In-Demand77196
July 21, 2021Express Entry7784
July 8, 2021Occupation In-Demand80196
July 8, 2021Express Entry8099
June 15, 2021Occupations In-Demand82152
June15, 2021Express Entry82103
May 25, 2021Occupations In-Demand65269
May 6, 2021Express Entry70136
May 6, 2021Occupation In-Demand70123
April 22, 2021Express Entry70130
April 22, 2021Occupation In-Demand70139
April 8, 2021Express Entry70146
April 8, 2021Occupation In-Demand70133
March 24, 2021Express Entry70183
March 24, 2021Occupation In-Demand70235
March 11, 2021Express Entry7172
March 11, 2021Occupation In-Demand71176
February 25, 2021Express Entry70299
February 11, 2021Occupation In-Demand72197
February 11, 2021Express Entry72344
January 21, 2021Occupation In-Demand77313
January 21, 2021Express Entry77189
January 7, 2021Occupation In-Demand71237
January 7, 2021Express Entry71148
December 17, 2020Occupations In-Demand71386
December 17, 2020Express Entry71190
December 1, 2020Occupation In-Demand`74426
December 1, 2020Express Entry74138
November 19, 2020Occupations In-Demand80337
November 19, 2020Express Entry78214
November 3, 2020Occupations In-Demand68262
November 3, 2020Express Entry68272
October 27, 2020Occupations In-Demand78278
October 27, 2020Express Entry69340
September 24, 2020Occupations In-Demand82257
September 24, 2020Express Entry82278
September 15, 2020Occupations In-Demand68166
September 15, 2020Express entry68455
August 26, 2020Occupations In-Demand68570
August 14, 2020Occupations In-Demand69247
August 14, 2020Express Entry69286
July 29, 2020Occupations In-Demand70248
July 29, 2020Express Entry70254
May 28, 2020Occupations In-Demand78125
May 28, 2020Express Entry78127
March 26, 2020Occupations In-Demand75205
February 27, 2020Express Entry69301
February 27, 2020Occupations In-Demand69275
February 13, 2020Express Entry70277
February 13, 2020Occupations In-Demand70369
January 13, 2020Express Entry69125
January 13, 2020Occupations In-Demand69109
January 9, 2020Express Entry69142
January 9, 2020Occupations In-Demand69166
December 20, 2019Express Entry69304
December 20, 2019Occupations In-Demand69291
November 28, 2019Express Entry69200
November 28, 2019Occupations In-Demand69260
November 12, 2019Express Entry69303
November 12, 2019Occupations In-Demand69222
October 31, 2019Express Entry68627
October 31, 2019Occupations In-Demand68231
October 24, 2019Express Entry69372
October 24, 2019Occupations In-Demand69550
October 17, 2019Express Entry67986
October 8, 2019Occupations In-Demand69328
October 8, 2019Express Entry69231
October 2, 2019Occupations In-Demand68214

Source: VisaPlace

On October 31, Saskatchewan conducted another draw for its provincial nomination. This is the 11th draw since September 25, and more than 4500 invitations have been issued. The SINP issued 858 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to candidates using the EOI system.

What is EOI?

EOI serves as ‘pre-application’ in SINP. Candidates have to answer questions based on work experience, education, and proficiency in English or French, etc. The candidates are given a score out of 100 based on their answers. One has to score a minimum of 60 to qualify. The candidates are then ranked based on their scores.
The candidates were chosen from the federal Express Entry system and Saskatchewan’s Occupation In-Demand sub-category. Neither of these requires the candidate to have a job offer.

Federal Express Entry

The minimum cut-off score for Express Entry candidates for this draw was 68 points. The Express Entry candidates who received an invitation for SINP received an extra 600 points in their CRS score. It will increase their probability of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the next Federal draw. Express Entry consists of the following three categories:

• Federal Skilled Worker Class
• Federal Skilled Trades Class
• Canadian Experience Class

SINP Occupation In-Demand

In mid-September, SINP changed to an Excluded Occupations List making the number of eligible occupations to more than 200. The candidates who received an invite through the Occupations In-Demand sub-category will be able to apply for Canadian PR directly through SINP.

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