How has Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) handled the Covid-19 situation? Do you want to immigrate to Saskatchewan?

TheSaskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)is a route which helps non-Canadians to immigrate to Canada. Candidates who fulfill these requirements are nominated by SINP to apply for permanent residency through federal Immigration.

For years SINP has been one of the easiest pathways to Immigrate to Canada and has full-filled many people’s dreams to settle here.

Post COVID-19:

Covid-19 has hit the world hard in every possible way and immigration is also one of the affected industries. It has left many aspiring immigrants in a hard place because of various processing and logistical restraints.

While some provinces like Alberta(AINP) are planning to tighten the immigration restrictions, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP) is doing surprisingly well to support foreign workers and aspiring applicants. Alberta government is now asking the federal government to suspend big divisions of its temporary foreign worker program for the following 1 Year.

On the other hand, SINP is doing many things to support foreign workers and aspiring immigrants:

“SINP nominees can now request a six-month extension to their nomination. This provides nominees with an additional six months to apply for permanent residency to the federal government. Please send extension requests to

Applicants and nominees may be issued a conditional nomination if the terms of the employment offer associated with their original SINP application have been changed or their employment has been disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominees will have six months to obtain new, eligible employment if the job offer associated with their original SINP application no longer exists. Their nomination will become a conditional nomination until new full-time employment (30 hours/week) is obtained.

Applicants or nominees working in the province that have had their full-time hours reduced will be allowed to continue working for their approved employer(s) at the reduced hours without supplementing their employment if the employer(s) commits to resuming full-time employment (30 hours/week) within 6 months of the full-time hours being reduced. If a nomination had been issued previously then it will become a conditional nomination while the nominee is working less than 30 hours per week for the approved employer(s). An applicant must be working 30 hours per week in one job or more and meet all of the applicable Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) criteria in order to be nominated to the program.
Potential applicants that have been living and working in Saskatchewan for at least six months will be eligible to apply to the SINP with 780 hours of work experience (equivalent to 6 months at 30 hours per week), whether through full-time or part-time work

If a worker does not have an open work permit, they will need to obtain a new work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The SINP will issue them a new work permit support letter where required. A worker cannot legally work for a new employer until a new work permit is obtained.
Nominees or potential applicants must continue to economically support themselves except for short-term supports. If nominees or applicants access short-term income support during the pandemic, they will not be penalized.”


This displays that Saskatchewan yet again proved that they’re one of the most welcoming and supportive provinces in the country for foreign nationals. Be it the ease of the provincial nomination program(SINP) or the welcoming nature of the residents, Saskatchewan is here to upkeep your settlement.

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