Future of Immigration in Canada Amid Covid-19 & The Municipal Nominee Program (MNP)

The Municipal Nominee Program (MNP) is on discussion, outlined in the IRCC departmental strategy.

High levels of COVID-19 make it challenging to open Canada’s borders for travelers, so Canada enforces its restrictions concerning the reopening of borders. However, Canada has been able to curve its Covid-19, and most cases remain low. Amid this COVID-19, the province and federal have carried on with the immigration programs like Express Entry, PNP draws (in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia), as well as through Quebec’s system. On July 24th, the minister of immigration in Canada held a meeting with ministers of immigration in provinces and territories in Canada to discuss the importance and impact of immigration amid Covid-19. From the meeting, the ministers plan to advance the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration 2020-2023. The ministers are trying to make sure that some immigration programs continue in both federal and provincial. However, the ministers acknowledge the importance of international students as they contribute a lot to Canada’s economy. The Ministers further discussed ways and means for municipal areas to benefit from the immigration instead of the biggest cities benefiting from immigration. This led to the introduction of the new immigration pathway that is the New Municipal Nominee Program. This program will distribute the number of immigrants coming to Canada.

The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship said “Throughout Canada’s response to COVID-19, immigration has played a vital role. Not only is immigration helping to deliver food, fuel, and health supplies, it is also going to be key to our long-term economic recovery. We advanced that goal at today’s federal-provincial-territorial meeting through our ongoing collaboration on a number of priorities, including how best to recruit skilled workers, attract international students, and enhance regional immigration. Together, we will continue welcoming newcomers to ensure we build a nation that is diverse, prosperous, and strong.”

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