An encyclopedic guide to the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is one of the successful ideas generated in the year 2019 right after the success of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, which was introduced in the year of 2017. Now the very recent is Yukon Community Pilot Program which is also introduced just to stimulate economic growth by attracting skilled immigrants.

Canada is always known for attracting immigrants in terms of giving quick permanent residence. The majority of immigrants choose to live in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The RNIP came into action just to bring skilled immigrants to Canada’s rural areas and by doing so they are looking for a stable economy.


What is RNIP?

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is community-driven, where various communities selected for this program are all in all. Permanent Residence is one of the key ingredients of this program.

Communities with their provinces are below listed

A. Ontario (North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay)
B. Manitoba (Brandon, Altona/Rhineland)
C. Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw)
D. Alberta (Claresholm)
E. British Columbia (Vernon, West Kootenay)
F. Nunavut
G. The Northwest Territories
H. Yukon

What is the process to apply?

You are just four steps away from the permanent residence application

a. IRCC requirements:

i. Minimum 1 year of work experience inside or outside of Canada with mentioned hours and you should mention your essential
duties which are listed in your National Occupational Classification (NOC).

ii. International students are exempted from work experience if they have completed >= 2 years of course within the community.

iii. Language requirement as part Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) standard.

NOC 0 & A: CLB-6


NOC C & D: CLB-4

iv. Educational must be a minimum of high school level/diploma and should have the Educational Credential Report.

v. You need to show settlement funds as per the IRCC list.

b. Each community will also have its process

i. Eligibility requirements

ii. Job search process

iii. Recommendation Process: You can find that in the specific community website.

Above all, if you intend to participate in this pilot program you should have a clear plan to live in the community.

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