A 6-Step Process To Get Your Student Visa to Canada By GreenTech Resources Limited

If you are planning to apply for your student visa to Canada, then it is important to follow a few steps that will help you complete the process smoothly and fast.

Applying for a student visa to Canada becomes easier and smoother once you understand the process well. Know more by reading it here.

With a developed infrastructure and quality education, Canada has become a leading destination for many students. Every year, 130,000 international students apply to Canada. However, to get to the country to pursue a degree in your discipline of choice, it is important to possess a student visa. If you are planning on applying to any Canadian institution, here are a few steps you need to undertake for the visa application. Keep reading to find out more.


Pick Your University, Apply and Get Accepted

To begin with, you need to decide on the universities you wish to apply it. Pick your discipline and apply accordingly. Start applying in the universities as early as possible to ensure that the visa application process can be completed soon enough. Once you get the acceptance letter, you can move on to the next process.

Check If You Need A Visa to Study In Canada

There are a few countries whose residents do not need to apply for a student visa or permit to enter or study in the country. Before undertaking the long visa process, you can go through the list and check whether you need a visa or not. (Please provide a link to a page that mentions countries who do not need a visa to enter). Other than that, if either of your parents is residing and working in the country, or the programme of your choice doesn’t last more than six months, you will not require a visa.

Apply For the Visa In Case You Need It

While students from several countries do not need to apply for a visa to study in the country, most countries require the students to undergo a visa application process. Also known as the student permit, without one, it is impossible to enter the country. There are several ways in which an application can be made. You can visit the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and make a direct application. The consulate in your city/country can also be visited in case you don’t have access to the website. A fast application can be made through Canada visa consultants. These professionals can guide you right and help you complete all the documentation for a nominal fee. With their services, the process becomes easier.

Prepare All the Documents Required

Before you go for the interview at the visa office, you need to get your documents ready. You have to complete the application form with the required details. Acceptance letter from the university, a valid passport, photographs, proof of financial support from parents or guardians and a cover letter explaining your intention of studying in a Canada are all required to be produced for processing the visa. You will also have to provide a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to ensure that you have no criminal background. Clinical records and medical insurance have to submit as well. Missing documents can result in rejection of the visa. Hence, it is important to have everything handy.

Appear For Language Tests

Most students coming from non-English speaking countries (the first language is not English) have to appear for a mandatory language test. Submitting proof of language proficiency is one of the many eligibility criteria for getting admission to any and all Canadian institutions. You can sit for either IELTS, Cambridge English or TOEFL. Once you appear for the test, your result will be sent to you, which can be produced as a document.

Fix an Appointment For the Interview

Once you have completed all the previous steps, you have to appear for an interview at the Visa Application Centre in the country of your residence. You have to pay a visa processing fee and produce all the required documents. Once you clear the interview process, you will receive your student visa. It is critical to complete this step in order to travel to the country and pursue your higher studies.

To ensure that the visa process gets completed properly, you can seek services from reputed visa consultants. You won’t have to pay any extra charge. Just hire the student visa services for the fast, efficient and effective processing of the visa. For more information, you can get in touch with the consultants today!

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