Newcomers in Canada – The First Three Months

Newcomers in Canada can have challenging first three months. However, you have been waiting for this for so long and your time has finally come. In this article, we will guide you on how to face these challenges and settle down more comfortably. There is nothing easier than being prepared when you are a newcomer in Canada.

If you are immigrating to Canada through the SINP draw, you will be landing in Saskatchewan and completing all the formalities. Similarly, if you have been selected through any province, you will have to land in the same province and look for employment.

Job Search for Newcomers in Canada

Individuals who are lucky to have LMIA and immigrate to Canada will join the office immediately after landing. Alternatively, if you do not have employment in Canada, you must begin looking for a job soon after landing. The Canadian government has established settlement organizations, which are present in all localities.

These local settlement organizations help newcomers in Canada to look for appropriate jobs and prepare resumes suitable for Canadian employers. You can find these organizations using the Immigrant Services Map on CIC official website.

Recruitment & Employment: Tips on Getting Hired As a Newcomer

Settling Down as a Newcomer in Canada

Breaking the Language Barriers

All new immigrants need to settle down smoothly and that includes looking for a home and a school for the children. However, the first thing is the language barrier. The official languages of Canada are English and French. In case you are not fluent in any one of them, you need to improve immediately. English and French language classes are available for all newcomers to Canada and they are free to take.

Looking for a Home

Naturally, you will need to look for a home to buy or rent. Usually, newcomers to Canada rent a home and many reliable websites help in the matter. If you have enough finances to buy a home, it is always the better option. However, new immigrants prefer renting a basement in the beginning and eventually move to an apartment. After that, when they have a stable job, they move to good neighborhoods and rent or buy a house. You can choose what you wish to do depending on your financial standing and what is best for you and your family.

Registering Your Children in a School

The Canadian school is unique and very accommodating for newcomers in Canada. You need to register your children in a school that falls in your area. Again, your local settlement organization can help you identify which school will register your child.

Keep in mind that these services are for local schools in the area. When it comes to private schools, it will cost more and the parents are responsible for what is being taught. The public schools follow the same curriculum.

Getting a Driver’s License

Getting a driver’s license is essential for life in Canada. Although the country has top-quality public transport, driving is a need for all Canadians. The requirements of getting a license from any province will differ from each other. However, once you get the license, it is valid for the rest of the country.

The costs and fees of obtaining a driver’s license also differ in all provinces. You may consider getting driving lessons ahead of your driving test. However, these lessons will come at an additional cost. It is always a good idea to appear for the driving test prepared as each time it will cost. Additionally, as a newcomer in Canada, finances are usually scarce.

Find a Healthcare Centre

You and each of your family members will receive a government health insurance card. Once you get that, look for a healthcare center nearby or find a doctor. Once you do, go for a medical checkup and vaccination update. This is especially important for children and older family members.

Learn about Your Rights as a Canadian

It is important that you learn about your rights and responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. You will have rights as a tenant, as a civilian, as a student, and as an employee. Know all of them so no one tries to misuse them against you.

Moreover, make sure you know your responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. Anything you do unintentionally could lead to trouble with the law. Therefore, it is as important to learn about your responsibilities towards the country and its citizens.

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